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Bespoken Sample: A more complex unit test script.
locale: en-US
- test: Using succinct syntax to invoke the intent with slots.
- tags: FirstUse
- LaunchRequest:
- response.outputSpeech.ssml: /.*how many people are playing today.*/i
- response.shouldEndSession: false
- sessionAttributes.STATE: _START_MODE
- GetPlayerNumber Number=1: please tell us your name
- GetContestantName PlayerName=jordi: "let's start the game: jordi”
- GetContestantPrice Number=149:
- response.outputSpeech.ssml: /.*you said 149*/i
- sessionAttributes.STATE: _GAME_ROUND
- sessionAttributes.players[0].name: jordi
- AMAZON.StopIntent:
- response.outputSpeech.ssml:
- Hope to see you soon
- See you around
- Nice playing with you
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