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@ijt ijt/SwapElts.hs
Created Mar 10, 2012

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Swap two elements of a list in Haskell, with a QuickCheck test
module SwapElts where
-- If you have to use this function, arrays may be a better choice.
swapElts i j ls = [get k x | (k, x) <- zip [0..length ls - 1] ls]
where get k x | k == i = ls !! j
| k == j = ls !! i
| otherwise = x
-- This is a nice example of how to efficiently generate test cases.
-- A naive approach would have been to take separate arguments for
-- the list and two indices in the QuickCheck property below.
-- Most of the generated test cases would be rejected that way.
data SwapEltsExample = SwapEltsExample Int Int [Int] deriving (Show)
instance Arbitrary SwapEltsExample where
arbitrary = do
ls <- listOf1 arbitrary
let n = length ls
i <- choose (0, n-1)
j <- choose (0, n-1)
return $ SwapEltsExample i j ls
prop_swapElts_isAnInvolution :: SwapEltsExample -> Bool
prop_swapElts_isAnInvolution example = (se . se) ls == ls
where se = swapElts i j
SwapEltsExample i j ls = example

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southp commented Mar 4, 2013

Hi. I was recently starting to learn haskell and confused about how to write a elegant swapElts until I googled your gist. Both useful and informative. Thanks a lot : )


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csivanich commented Oct 29, 2014

Mark me as another thankful Googler, was having trouble with swapping elements until I read your implementation. Simple and easy to understand. Thanks!

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