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Translation of the Go prime sieve to Erlang
#!/usr/bin/env escript
%% -*- mode: erlang -*-
%%! -smp enable -hidden
%% A concurrent prime sieve, inspired by the Go prime sieve
%% with daisy-chained filter processes.
%% Translated by Issac Trotts (2016)
%% with help from Amiramix on StackOverflow.
main(_) ->
Self = self(),
GenPid = spawn(fun() -> generate(Self, 2) end),
%% Print primes, spawn filters for their multiples. GenPid is initially the
%% Pid of the Generator, but afterwards it is the Pid of the most recently
%% added filter.
main_loop(GenPid) ->
send(GenPid, ready),
{number, Prime, _From} ->
io:format("~B~n", [Prime]),
%% Start a filter for multiples of Prime
Self = self(),
NewFilterPid = spawn(fun() -> filter(Self, GenPid, Prime) end),
%% Tell the previous filter to send its output to this new filter.
send(GenPid, {new_next, NewFilterPid}),
send(Receiver, Msg) ->
Receiver ! Msg.
%% Send the sequence of integers starting at N to the process Next.
generate(Next, N) ->
ready ->
send(Next, {number, N, self()}),
generate(Next, N+1);
{new_next, NewNext} ->
generate(NewNext, N)
%% Relay the values received to the next filter in the chain,
%% removing those divisible by the prime P.
%% generator -...-> Prev ---> filter ---> Next -...-> main
%% (P)
filter(Next, Prev, P) ->
{number, N, _From} ->
case N rem P of
0 ->
% N is disqualified, being a multiple of P.
% Notify the generator (via Prev) that we're ready
% to test the next number.
send(Prev, ready);
_ ->
% N passes this filter. Send it up the chain.
send(Next, {number, N, self()})
filter(Next, Prev, P);
{new_next, NewNext} ->
filter(NewNext, Prev, P);
ready ->
% Relay the ready signal on toward the generator.
send(Prev, ready),
filter(Next, Prev, P)
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