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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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* Nunjucks + Express
* I couldn't find anything that helped me setup the enviornment
* correctly for these in the latest vesion of Express 4 (at the time
* of writing this).
* This Gist for those that want to keep using Nunjucks with Express 4.
* This also goes over working with a Nunjucks environment to use custom
* filters, extensions, etc.
* You view files should have ".nunjucks" as the extension.
* - Caroline, 9/18/2014
var express = require('express');
var nunjucks = require('nunjucks');
var app = express();
// view engine setup
app.set('views', path.join(__dirname, 'views'));
var env = nunjucks.configure(app.get('views'), {
autoescape: true,
express: app
// Example filter setup - remote link assets
env.addFilter('asset', function(assetpath) {
var asset_url = "/path/to/assets"; // can be a path, or an absolute web URL
return asset_url + assetpath;
app.set('view engine', 'nunjucks');
// Express App setup as per usual.
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