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Ilya Konstantinov ikonst

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audiounitinitialize on open - test on OS X and iOS
get_caps - okay
cached_caps_valid - take lock in property notification only if on outer element
can we just use cached_caps == NULL for marking invalid?
with/without channel-mask in caps - keep both, since we want to expose what the
device has, and also allow remapping
- if !channel_mask, we're adding duplicate
- out_s1 should be before out_s2
G_STRUCT_OFFSET - maybe just add a single line note like:
angelolloqui / gist:3872250
Created Oct 11, 2012
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NSString *appSupportLocation = @"/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/AppSupport.framework/AppSupport";
NSDictionary *environment = [[NSProcessInfo processInfo] environment];
NSString *simulatorRoot = [environment objectForKey:@"IPHONE_SIMULATOR_ROOT"];
if (simulatorRoot) {
appSupportLocation = [simulatorRoot stringByAppendingString:appSupportLocation];
void *appSupportLibrary = dlopen([appSupportLocation fileSystemRepresentation], RTLD_LAZY);