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generate some quick stats
import fileinput
from collections import Counter
import simplejson
import re
from sets import Set
import csv
from math import floor
def match(expr, evt):
#for now assume single tuples
for i, sub_expr in enumerate(expr):
if sub_expr == "*": continue
if (re.match("^"+sub_expr+"$", evt[i])) is None:
return False
return True
def filter_by_expr(filter, filename):
lines = open(filename)
return (line for line in lines if match(filter, simplejson.loads(line.strip())[1]))
def filter_users_by_expr(user_filter, filename):
lines = open(filename)
filtered_users = []
filtered_lines = list((line for line in lines if match(user_filter, simplejson.loads(line.strip())[1])))
for l in filtered_lines:
person,evt,timestr = simplejson.loads(l.strip())
filtered_users = Set(filtered_users)
return filtered_users
def summary(counts):
if len(counts) == 0:
return 0,0,0
n = sum(counts.values())
p = len(counts)
mean = n / float(p) if p> 0 else 0
indices = [int(floor(k * p)) for k in (.05,.25,.50,.75,.95)]
reexpanded = sorted(counts.itervalues())
qs = [reexpanded[i] for i in indices]
return n,mean,qs
class StatGenerator:
stats = ["percent", "summary"]
def __init__(self, fn, expr, filter = None, user_filter=None):
self.filename = fn
self.lines = open(fn)
self.expr = expr
self.filter = filter
self.filtered_lines = None
self.user_filter = user_filter
self.filtered_users = None
def faststat(self, with_filter=False, with_user_filter=False):
#raise exception if filters not there
lines = self.lines
if (with_filter):
if not (self.filtered_lines):
self.filtered_lines = filter_by_expr(self.filter, self.filename)
lines = self.filtered_lines
if (with_user_filter):
if not (self.filtered_users):
self.filtered_users = filter_users_by_expr(self.user_filter, self.filename)
n = 0
allids = set()
C = Counter()
for line in lines:
person,evt,timestr = simplejson.loads(line.strip())
evt = evt[:3]
if (with_user_filter) and person not in self.filtered_users:
if match(self.expr, evt):
C[person] += 1
return {"percent":100*float(len(C))/len(allids), "summary": summary(C)}
def all_events_of_type(self, filter):
return filter_By_expr(filter, self.filename)
def all_users_with_condition(self, user_filter):
filter_users_by_expr(self.user_filter, self.filename)
def make_stat_table(expr_file_reader, datafile_name):
stats_by_tag = get_all_file_stats(expr_file_reader, datafile_name)
print "<table border='1'>"
print "<tr><th>Tag Name</th>"
for stat in StatGenerator.stats:
print "<th>",stat,"</th>"
print "</tr>"
for tag in stats_by_tag:
print "<tr><td>", tag, "</td>"
for stat in StatGenerator.stats:
print "<td>", stats_by_tag[tag][stat], "</td>"
print "</tr>"
print "</table>"
def get_all_file_stats(expr_file_reader, datafile_name):
stats_by_tag = {}
for tup in expr_file_reader:
tag,expr = tup
expr = expr[1:-1].split(',')
sg = StatGenerator(datafile_name, expr)
stats_by_tag[tag] = sg.faststat()
return stats_by_tag
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys, getopt
filter = None
user_filter = None
expression_file = None
datafile_name = None
expr = None
opt, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], "f:u:e:d:x:")
for o, a in opt:
if o == "-e":
expression_file = a
elif o == "-f":
filter = tuple(a[1:-1].split(','))
elif o == "-u":
user_filter = tuple(a[1:-1].split(','))
elif o == "-d":
datafile_name = a
elif o == "-x":
expr = tuple(a[1:-1].split(','))
sg = StatGenerator(datafile_name, expr, filter=filter, user_filter=user_filter)
print sg.faststat(with_user_filter=True)
# make_stat_table(csv.reader(open(expression_file), delimiter='\t'), datafile_name)
#usage: python -x "[urlbar,*,*,*]" -d events.txt -f [*,*,*,*] -u "[searchbar,*,*,*]"
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