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Streamlabs TLDR

Hiring for many roles - details @

  • Priority roles are: marketing, C++, business lead, product
  • If you want to join us, but we are not hiring for your role/skills - please reach out

What do we do

  • We make products for live streamers (i.e. streamlabs). This is the core business today, but we are building to support all creator verticals. We are building a company that is to content creators what Nike is to athletes
  • Examples of new things we built that are public:
  • Many failures along the way (8 other moonshots in last 16 months that did not find product market fit and that's okay)


Empower creators to do more

Why does this matter

  • When you power someone's creative process - you touch them in their heart. That's a special connection.
  • Creator economy is the future. Average size of the firm is shrinking: agricultural revolution -> industrial revolution -> tech boom -> creator revolution (avg size of 1)
  • Live streaming: (1) 1B+ viewers and growing, (2) live video streaming is estimated to grow to $70B segment by 2021 (est. @ $30B in 2016), (3) large market that will continue to grow
  • How we interact with the people we admire (high engagement) and how we consume content (live) will continue to evolve and continue to be a bigger and bigger part of our lives
  • Creator/influencer ecosystem is much larger if you go beyond live streaming to other content verticals: static VOD, patronage, writing, podcasting etc.
  • In short, we are fueling the creator economy by building essential products for creators. We will enable these creators to grow, to build communities, and to connect with 100s of millions of fans (i.e. scale).That's impact!

Commitment to Open Source Software

Results so far

  • Used by >40M creators life-to-date and by >70% of Twitch streamers today
  • Paid out $700M to streamers since 2015
  • 200+ charities on our charity platform raising money for good
  • >1M+ social media following
  • Many failures and many lessons

More stats on our products here You can also learn about our core product stack from and


  • Vancouver, BC (Canada) + San Francisco (CA) + Remote
  • We hire remote and we are of course 100% distributed today
  • We make a deliberate effort to work well as a distributed team

Visa sponsorship

Available. Easiest for Canada. We will support you if there is a right mutual fit

Who we are looking for

  • Engineering only - >5 years of experience writing professional production level code in your respective stack
  • Culture fit (see below). Communication, high energy, true owner, cares deeply
  • You do not need to be a gamer. In fact - non-gaming background in any creator verticle is a plus


  • Owner
  • High empathy
  • Speed
  • Truth seeking
  • We hire for passion, work ethic, empathy, and attitude. We believe that everything else can be learned
  • Value speed of execution over perfection. Products are never perfect when they are first released
  • You will not be micromanaged. You will have tons of freedom and you will own your work
  • We believe that ideas can/should come from anyone. No approvals are needed to implement solutions

If you are passionate about empowering creators, working with driven people with a high amount of autonomy, and seeing the results of your work quickly go to production - this might be a good fit for you.

We believe in meaningful work and meaningful relationships at work. Part of our culture is deep empathy for your teammates. We do team-wide hackathons 2x a year where we fly the entire team from across the globe to one location and build new ideas. We make an effort to connect as a team (all optional): game nights, learning talks, demos and more

Financial position

Acquired by Logitech (NASDAQ:Logi) in 2019

Pre-acquisition we were backed by Sequioa and several other amazing firms

Streaming platforms we are on (core)

Twitch, YT, FB, Periscope

Form factors (core)

Mobile, Desktop, Web app, API

Stack for core business (excl. moonshots)

  • Mobile = Objective C/Xcode/RN/Android for mobile app, depending on use case
  • Desktop = C++/Electron/VueJS+Vuex/TypeScript
  • Web = VueJS+Vuex/PHP(Laravel)/MySQL/NodeJS/Nginx/AWS


  • market competitive base
  • logitech benefits
  • streamlabs benefits

Recruiting process

  • screen -> take home problem -> google hangouts with team -> offer
  • take home problem for everyone, including non-engineering roles
  • we will move quickly and will do our best to not waste your time
  • all roles, dev and non-dev, have a take home assignment

Tools we use as a team

Teams pick whatever tools work for them to acheive the results they need

Results > process

  • IDE = up to you
  • OS = people work on what works for them. your call
  • Github = PR/CR/deploy
  • Slack = team communication
  • Email/Discord = communication outside our team
  • Asana = bugs/features
  • Gdocs = anything non-tech/planning related
  • Figma = mock-ups
  • Sentry, internal tools = stability
  • Mode+mysql, internal tools = analytics

What's next?

More details

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