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Example of using Stripe to pay a NetSuite invoice using
# Michael Bianco <>
# Link:
# Description: Use Stripe to pay a NetSuite Invoice by specifying an invoice ID
require 'stripe'
# Replace this test mode key and run this example on your account
Stripe.api_key = ENV['STRIPE_KEY']
# Create a card token to be associated with a customer. This is normally done
# on your payment frontend using Stripe.js
card_token = Stripe::Token.create(
:card => {
:number => '4242424242424242',
:exp_month => 8,
:exp_year => (>>24).year,
:cvc => "314"
# Associate the token with the Stripe customer
customer = Stripe::Customer.create(
:description => "New NetSuite Customer",
:email => "",
charge = Stripe::Charge.create(
:amount => 200_00,
:currency => "usd",
:customer =>,
:description => "This is added to the NetSuite customer payment's memo",
:metadata => {
# By specifying this key in the charge metadata, you are instructing the NetSuite
# integration to apply the CustomerPayment against this NetSuite invoice ID
'netsuite_invoice_id' => 123
# Wait for the CustomerPayment to be created in NetSuite
# NOTE your account needs to be connected to SuiteSync for this to work
loop do
if internal_id = charge.metadata['netsuite_customer_payment_id']
puts "CustomerPayment Internal ID: #{internal_id}"
puts "Waiting for Charge to translate to NetSuite..."
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