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Installing CUDA Toolkit 10.2 in Wine without a GUI

Installing CUDA Toolkit 10.2 in Wine


  1. Set and export shell variables

    Use a helper variable for the prefix name:


    These are needed by winetricks and wine; they must be exported:

    export WINE_PREFIXES=/mnt/pfx
    export WINEARCH=win64
  2. Create and configure a new wineprefix

    wineboot -i
    winetricks -q prefix=$MYPREFIX msxml3
    winetricks -q prefix=$MYPREFIX win10
  3. Download CUDA Toolkit 10.2 local installer

  4. Install CUDA Toolkit 10.2

    wineconsole cmd.exe /c cuda_10.2.89_441.22_win10.exe -s {cu{dart,objdump,pti},nv{cc,prune,disasm,prof,ml_dev},memcheck,{cu{blas,fft,rand,solver,sparse},nvgraph,npp,nvrtc}{,_dev}}_10.2

Relevant links

CUDA Toolkit 10.2 download page

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