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Created Jul 21, 2013
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A reply to one of my blog comment to force alphabetical order for bc_members shortcode. See
/** begining of code to copy paste in functions.php of active theme **/
* Forces the order of bc_members to be alphabetical if an alpha class has been added
* Using the class argument of bc_members allows to only filter the members_args
* if the class 'alpha' prepends my_members class. Keeping my_members class will maintain
* css rules.
* Example of Bowe Code : [bc_members class="alpha my_members"]
* @param array $members_args the args sent to bp_has_members
* @param array $args merge array between default shortcode atts and user args
* @return array the new args to send to bp_has_members
function imath_alphabetical_sort_members( $members_args, $args ) {
if( strpos( $args['class'], 'alpha' ) === 0 )
$members_args['type'] = 'alphabetical';
return $members_args;
add_filter( 'bowe_codes_members_tag_args', 'imath_alphabetical_sort_members', 10, 2 );
/** end of code **/
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