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Created March 23, 2011 22:54
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Caesar cipher
def caesar_cipher(string, shift, decode = false)
alphabet = ('A'..'Z').to_a # create the range of uppercase letter and convert it to an array: ['A', 'B', … 'Z']
shift = -shift if decode # if decoding, negate the shift. Negative value changes the dirrection of Array.rotate
key = alphabet.rotate(shift) # produce encode or decode array by rotating the alphabet. ['A', 'B', 'C', 'D'].rotate(2) => ['C', 'D', 'A', 'B']
string.chars.inject("") do |result, char| # string.chars gives the enumerator of the chars in the string. Each char will be processed in the block assigned to 'char'
case_changed = char.upcase! # upcase will return nil if no changes were made
result_char = (alphabet.include?(char) ? key[alphabet.index(char)] : char) #if char is in the alphabet, get the corresponding char from key array
result << (case_changed ? result_char.downcase : result_char) #if original char was lowercase then lowercase the result char and append to result string
def caesar_decode(string, shift)
caesar_cipher string, shift, true #call caesar_cipher with decode flag set
alias caesar_encode caesar_cipher #create an alias for caesar_cipher method named caesar_encode
puts caesar_encode("the quick brown fox Jumps Over the lazy dog", 3)
puts caesar_decode("wkh txlfn eurzq ira Mxpsv Ryhu wkh odcb grj", 3)
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