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<bantu> are you talking about travis tests?
<bantu> imkingdavid: functional tests are using nginx
<bantu> so anything you do in .htaccess won't work
<imkingdavid> i'm not using rewriting for the tests
<imkingdavid> app.php/foo/bar works without rewriting
<bantu> it does
<bantu> it requires PATH_INFO instead
<bantu> which nginx doesn't have by default
<imkingdavid> i'm using symfony which has its own method of determining path info when it's empty.
<imkingdavid> but it could be not working
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<bantu> imkingdavid: last time I checked, symfony depended on path info as well (but it was not documented)
<bantu> considering that this is still symfony 2.1, i am pretty sure that is the case
<imkingdavid> i guess i can do some manual debugging on a test branch since i have travis set up for my fork. i just don't want to wait 10 minutes between commits just to see if it worked. meh
<bantu> imkingdavid:
<bantu> this does not match index.php/foo
<imkingdavid> so then it's a travis issue
<bantu> where is your failing test?
<bantu> try removing the $ here
<bantu> then let me know whether your test passed
<imkingdavid> i'll give it a try
<bantu> it may still not work
<bantu> actually, i think it will likely work :-)
<bantu> if it work, please make a new ticket and send it to develop-olympus as well
<bantu> if it doesn't work, we may have to also add PATH_INFO
<imkingdavid> okay
<imkingdavid> here's the build if you want to follow along
<bantu> okay, thanks
<nickvergessen> can someone keep an eye on please
<EXreaction> why?
<EXreaction> I am not able to update dependencies here :/
<EXreaction> The "
<EXreaction> 3a51d5f5e278b" file could not be downloaded: failed to open stream: A conne
<EXreaction> ction attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond a
<EXreaction> fter a period of time, or established connection failed because connected h
<EXreaction> ost has failed to respond.
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<EXreaction> aha, it was missing openssl
<EXreaction> just the old version of composer we have doesn't let you know that's an issue
<imkingdavid> bantu: that worked for fixing my tests
<imkingdavid> the only issue is the pagination tests, which I didn't touch
<imkingdavid> no idea why that's failing
<imkingdavid> looks like it's actually getting an error 400 not an error 404
<imkingdavid> anyway, thanks for pointing that out. i would never have thought of that
<imkingdavid> i'll make a ticket for olympus but i'll put this fix in my PR for develop so i don't have to wait for a merge
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