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# -*- mode: snippet; require-final-newline: nil -*-
# name: jdw
# key: jdw
# binding: direct-keybinding
# --
* week of `(let ((x (org-insert-time-stamp (current-time)))))` [0%]
*** WEEKLIES---week of `(let ((x (org-insert-time-stamp (current-time)))))`
***** TODO review weeklies
***** TODO $0
*** DAILIES---week of `(let ((x (org-insert-time-stamp (current-time)))))`
m0\n9|\n***** COMMITTED <%(date "today" x)> [0%%]\n******* TODO wake up 8:30am\n SCHEDULED: <%(date "today" x) 8:30am>\n******* TODO blue light \n SCHEDULED: <%(date "today" x) 8:31am>\n******* TODO meditate \n SCHEDULED: <%(date "today" x) 8:45am>\n******* TODO write Wise Mind form or LIFE form\n SCHEDULED: <%(date "today" x) 9:00am> \n******* TODO disable Internet\n SCHEDULED: <%(date "today" x) 9:15am> \n******* TODO morning pages at a café or at The Writers' Room \n SCHEDULED: <%(date "today" x) 9:45am>\n******* TODO go straight to The Writers' Room\n SCHEDULED: <%(date "today" x) 10:00am>\n******* TODO review weeklies and calibrate with dailies \n******* TODO submit dailies to Erika \n DEADLINE: <%(date "today" x) 2:00pm> \n******* TODO work on book 3 hours \n******* TODO two lines of poetry \n DEADLINE: <%(date "today" x) 8:00pm> \n******* TODO lights out by 12:30am\n SCHEDULED: <%(date "today" x) 11:59pm> \n\n` (let ((x (tiny-expand))))`
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