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Thanks for the fish!

Fedor Indutny indutny

Thanks for the fish!
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CryptoStream.prototype._push = function() {
if (this == this.pair.encrypted && !this.writable) {
// If the encrypted side got EOF, we do not attempt
// to write out data anymore.
while (!this._paused) {
<<<<<<< HEAD
var bytesRead = 0;
indutny /
Created Nov 9, 2011 — forked from indexzero/
The least amount of guidelines possible to maintain 150+ open source node.js modules

Guidelines for Open Source at Nodejitsu Outline

  • Header
    • Brief description (should match package.json)
  • Example (if applicable)
  • Motivation (if applicable)
  • API Documentation: This will likely vary considerably from library to library.
  • Installation
indutny / pipeaccept.js
Created May 22, 2011 — forked from heapwolf/pipeaccept.js
accepting input from a pipe, nodejs
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var data = '';
if (process.stdin.writable) {
process.stdin.on('data', function(chunk) {
data += chunk;

Game Engines

Name Latest Release Size (KB) License Type Unit Tests Docs Notes
The Render Engine 1.5.3 MIT Cross-browser; extensive API; open-source. 2
gameQuery 0.5.1 CC BY-SA 2.5 Designed to be used with jQuery
gTile 0.0.1 (2008-07-21) Tile based
Akihabara 1.3 GPL2/MIT Classic Repro Intended for making classic arcade-style games in JS+HTML5 3
The Javascript 2D Game Engine GPL Emphasis on gravity/physics/collision detection; uses HTML5 Canvas and ExplorerCanvas for IE support. Focus on limiting CPU usage. 4
The GMP Javascript Game Engine
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name = ...
email = ...
ui = true
[color "branch"]
current = yellow reverse
local = yellow
remote = green
[color "diff"]
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* def.js: Простое наследование в стиле Ruby для Javascript
* Copyright (c) 2010 Tobias Schneider
* This script is freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license.
(function(global) {
// Используется, чтобы сохранить суперкласс и "плагины" ля
// дальнейшего использования