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Last active Sep 22, 2015
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Test file for /clipperhouse/gen/pull/65
package main
package main
// +gen
type Thing int
func main() {
x := Things{2,1,3}
x = x.Sort()
x = x.Where(func(t Thing) bool { return true })
x = x.SortDesc()
min, _ := x.Min()
// x.Each(func(t Thing) { return })
* Write the contents of this file to `main.go`.
* Run `gen`. It should complain about 'Things' being undefined, but continue
anyway and write `thing_gen.go` with *all* methods defined.
* Run `gen` again, twice. Now `thing_gen.go` should only include the methods
used in this file.
Simulating maintenance:
* Uncomment the Each line and run `gen` again. It will complain about Each not
being defined, but it should generate the templates just fine.
* Comment the Each line out again and run `gen`. The definition of Each should
dissapear from `thing_gen.go`.
The source should build successfully with `go build` just after running `gen`
for all the steps above.
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