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Cornerstone Post-Commit Action Script
# Cornerstone Post-Commit Action Script <>
# Get last log item from working copy's history & copy it to the pasteboard
# $1 is used to reference the POSIX path of the working copy that was committed
/usr/local/bin/svn log "$1" -r HEAD --limit 1 --verbose | pbcopy
# infotexture hooks for hybrid Git/Subversion working copies. Created 2010-02-09
# (see <> for details)
# Rebase won't run if there are uncommitted changes in your working tree, but
# Force-overwriting modified files in the Git working copy could be dangerous:
# git checkout HEAD --force
# Instead, save any modified tracked files and staged changes to a stash
# for safe keeping. You can view stored stashes later with `git stash list`
# or delete all of the stored stashes with `git stash clear`.
cd "$1"
/opt/local/bin/git stash save "Changes stashed before rebase by SVN post-commit script"
# NOTE: Stashing won't save untracked files or folders added via Subversion,
# but they're safe in SVN, so we can safely force-delete them to enable rebase,
# (which will bring them back). The -d option also removes any untracked directories.
/opt/local/bin/git clean --force -d
# Get the latest changes from the remote Subversion repository:
/opt/local/bin/git svn rebase
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