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How to add a Wordpress WYSIWYG editor to a meta box.
define('WYSIWYG_META_BOX_ID', 'my-editor');
define('WYSIWYG_EDITOR_ID', 'myeditor'); //Important for CSS that this is different
define('WYSIWYG_META_KEY', 'extra-content');
add_action('admin_init', 'wysiwyg_register_meta_box');
function wysiwyg_register_meta_box(){
add_meta_box(WYSIWYG_META_BOX_ID, __('WYSIWYG Meta Box', 'wysiwyg'), 'wysiwyg_render_meta_box', 'post');
function wysiwyg_render_meta_box(){
global $post;
$meta_box_id = WYSIWYG_META_BOX_ID;
$editor_id = WYSIWYG_EDITOR_ID;
//Add CSS & jQuery goodness to make this work like the original WYSIWYG
echo "
<style type='text/css'>
#$meta_box_id #edButtonHTML, #$meta_box_id #edButtonPreview {background-color: #F1F1F1; border-color: #DFDFDF #DFDFDF #CCC; color: #999;}
#$meta_box_id #editorcontainer{background:#fff !important;}
#$meta_box_id #$editor_id_fullscreen{display:none;}
<script type='text/javascript'>
$('#$meta_box_id #editor-toolbar > a').click(function(){
$('#$meta_box_id #editor-toolbar > a').removeClass('active');
if($('#$meta_box_id #edButtonPreview').hasClass('active')){
$('#$meta_box_id #ed_toolbar').hide();
$('#$meta_box_id #edButtonPreview').click(function(){
$('#$meta_box_id #ed_toolbar').hide();
$('#$meta_box_id #edButtonHTML').click(function(){
$('#$meta_box_id #ed_toolbar').show();
//Tell the uploader to insert content into the correct WYSIWYG editor
$('#media-buttons a').bind('click', function(){
var customEditor = $(this).parents('#$meta_box_id');
if(customEditor.length > 0){
edCanvas = document.getElementById('$editor_id');
edCanvas = document.getElementById('content');
//Create The Editor
$content = get_post_meta($post->ID, WYSIWYG_META_KEY, true);
the_editor($content, $editor_id);
//Clear The Room!
echo "<div style='clear:both; display:block;'></div>";
add_action('save_post', 'wysiwyg_save_meta');
function wysiwyg_save_meta(){
$editor_id = WYSIWYG_EDITOR_ID;
$meta_key = WYSIWYG_META_KEY;
update_post_meta($_REQUEST['post_ID'], WYSIWYG_META_KEY, $_REQUEST[$editor_id]);

Warkman commented May 5, 2013

Thanks, very handy and simple.

jlambe commented May 16, 2013

Hi, the function you use "the_editor" is deprecated since WP version 3.3.
In order to render a WYSIWYG editor, only make a call to the php function "wp_editor()"

You can take a look in the codex here :

Dang that's a convenient bit of code.

Awesome..., thank you so much..

Qix- commented Jul 11, 2014

Holy crap it worked.

Thanks !!!!

nimmolo commented Aug 24, 2014

Hi Inspector,
I noticed there's no nonce in your metabox, as is recommended.
Does wp_editor automatically check the post nonce when saving? I can't see that it's adding its own either.

How to display metabox content on post?

cuongpx commented Aug 11, 2016

thank you.!

How to automatically create paragraphs?

it works!

MatthewKosloski commented Jun 25, 2017

the_editor is deprecated; use wp_editor instead!

Thank you so much! One question/comment: according to the docs (scroll to the bottom under "Notes"), content saved from the editor should use wp_kses_post - making line 74-75:

                update_post_meta($_REQUEST['post_ID'], WYSIWYG_META_KEY, wp_kses_post($_REQUEST[$editor_id]));

Is that necessary in this case?

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