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One of the ways to find out if element is in the visible part of the screen or not
HTMLElement.prototype.isVisible = function(){
function getPositionTop(element){
var offset = 0;
while(element) {offset += element["offsetTop"];element = element.offsetParent;}
return offset;
var posTop = getPositionTop(this);
var posBottom = posTop + this.offsetHeight;
var visibleTop = (document.documentElement && document.documentElement.scrollTop) || document.body.scrollTop;
var visibleBottom = visibleTop + document.body.offsetHeight;
var isInsideLeftRightWindowMargins=((document.body.offsetWidth>=this.offsetLeft) && (this.offsetLeft+this.offsetWidth)>=0);
return ((posBottom >= visibleTop) && (posTop <= visibleBottom) && isInsideLeftRightWindowMargins);
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