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Last active May 2, 2024 12:56
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An overview of CloudTrail events that are interesting from an Incident Response perspective
Initial Access Execution Persistence Privilege Escalation Defense Evasion Credential Access Discovery Lateral Movement Exfiltration Impact
ConsoleLogin StartInstance CreateAccessKey CreateGroup StopLogging GetSecretValue ListUsers AssumeRole CreateSnapShot PutBucketVersioning
PasswordRecoveryRequested StartInstances CreateUser CreateRole DeleteTrail GetPasswordData ListRoles SwitchRole ModifySnapshotAttributes RunInstances
Invoke CreateNetworkAclEntry UpdateAccessKey UpdateTrail RequestCertificate ListIdentities ModifyImageAttribute DeleteAccountPublicAccessBlock
SendCommand CreateRoute PutGroupPolicy PutEventSelectors UpdateAssumeRolePolicy ListAccessKeys SharedSnapshotCopyInitiated
CreateLoginProfile PutRolePolicy DeleteFlowLogs ListServiceQuotas SharedSnapshotVolumeCreated
AuthorizeSecurityGroupEgress PutUserPolicy DeleteDetector ListInstanceProfiles ModifyDBSnapshotAttribute
AuthorizeSecurityGroupIngress AddRoleToInstanceProfile DeleteMembers ListBuckets PutBucketPolicy
CreateVirtualMFADevice AddUserToGroup DeleteSnapshot ListGroups PutBucketAcl
CreateConnection DeactivateMFADevice GetSendQuota
ApplySecurityGroupsToLoadBalancer DeleteCertificate GetCallerIdentity
SetSecurityGroups DeleteConfigRule DescribeInstances
AuthorizeDBSecurityGroupIngress DeleteAccessKey GetBucketAcl
CreateDBSecurityGroup LeaveOrganization GetBucketVersioning
ChangePassword DisassociateFromMasterAccount GetAccountAuthorizationDetails
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Initial commit

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Appreciate the work you all put into this!

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Thanks @JordanJHoffman always nice to hear that people find it useful.

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Great work guys!

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Thank you all for what you do!

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