View scrollto.js
Name: Scroll To
Desc: Animates the scroll to a specific pixel value with a given duration.
import st from './scrollto';
st.animate(element.offsetTop, 1000);
var _module;
View slider.js
Name: Slider
Desc: Creates a simple slideshow with basic options
- The slideshow needs a bare minimum of the following Html
<div class="slideshow">
<div class="slides">
<div class="slide show"></div>
View reveal.js
Name: Reveal
Desc: Watches a set of elements and reveals them as they scroll into view. Add a class to all of the elements you want hidden, for example 'reveal-hidden' and apply some css to make the transition nice. Once the element comes into view, a 'reveal-show' class will be applied.
import Reveal from './reveal';
elements : '.reveal-hidden'