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List pods with secrets in volumes or envvars
kubectl get pods -n main -o=jsonpath="{range .items[*]}{}{'\t'}{.status.startTime}{'\n'}{'\t'}Volumes:{'\t'}{.spec.volumes[*].secret.secretName}{'\n'}{'\t'}Envvars:{'\t'}{.spec.containers[*].env[*].valueFrom.secretKeyRef}{.name}{.key}{'\n'}{end}"


gw-main-7b5789879-w85tz	2020-02-06T20:07:00Z
	Volumes:	gw-token-jrwgm istio.gateway
	Envvars:	map[key:client-id name:salesforce] map[key:redirect-url name:salesforce] map[key:public-url name:salesforce]
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