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;; uimでvorbisを再生する。まったくもって無意味
(module-load "ffi")
(module-load "lolevel")
(define libc
(dlopen "" (assq-cdr '$RTLD_LAZY (dlopen-mode))))
(define (fopen path mode)
(ffi-function libc 'pointer "fopen" `((string . ,path)
(string . ,mode))))
(define (fclose stream)
(ffi-function libc 'int "fclose" `((pointer . ,stream))))
(define libm
(dlopen "" (assq-cdr '$RTLD_GLOBAL (dlopen-mode))))
(define libpthread
(dlopen "" (assq-cdr '$RTLD_GLOBAL (dlopen-mode))))
(define libogg
(dlopen "" (assq-cdr '$RTLD_GLOBAL (dlopen-mode))))
(define libvorbis
(dlopen "" (assq-cdr '$RTLD_GLOBAL (dlopen-mode))))
(define libvorbisfile ;; cannot lazy
(dlopen "" (assq-cdr '$RTLD_GLOBAL (dlopen-mode))))
(define (ov-open stream vf initial ibytes)
(ffi-function libvorbisfile 'int "ov_open" `((pointer . ,stream)
(pointer . ,vf)
(string . ,initial)
(long . ,ibytes))))
(define (ov-comment vf link)
(ffi-function libvorbisfile 'pointer "ov_comment" `((pointer . ,vf)
(int . ,link))))
(define (ov-info vf link)
(ffi-function libvorbisfile 'pointer "ov_info" `((pointer . ,vf)
(int . ,link))))
(define (ov-pcm-total vf i)
(ffi-function libvorbisfile 'long "ov_pcm_total" `((pointer . ,vf)
(int . ,i))))
(define (ov-read vf buf len big? word sign? stream)
(ffi-function libvorbisfile
'long "ov_read" `((pointer . ,vf)
(pointer . ,buf)
(int . ,len)
(int . ,big?)
(int . ,word)
(int . ,sign?)
(pointer . ,stream))))
(define libao
(dlopen "" (assq-cdr '$RTLD_LAZY (dlopen-mode))))
(define (ao-initialize)
(ffi-function libao 'void "ao_initialize" '()))
(define (ao-shutdown)
(ffi-function libao 'void "ao_shutdown" '()))
(define (ao-default-driver-id)
(ffi-function libao 'int "ao_default_driver_id" '()))
(define (ao-open-live driver-id format option)
(ffi-function libao 'pointer "ao_open_live" `((int . ,driver-id)
(pointer . ,format)
(pointer . ,option))))
(define (ao-close device)
(ffi-function libao 'int "ao_close" `((pointer . ,device))))
(define (ao-play device buf len)
(ffi-function libao 'int "ao_play" `((pointer . ,device)
(pointer . ,buf)
(int . ,len))))
(define AO_FMT_NATIVE 4)
(define (vorbis-play filename)
(let* ((ao-sample-format
(let ((heap (allocate 16)))
(memory-fill! heap 0 16)
(fp (fopen filename "r"))
(vf (allocate 1024)))
(ov-open fp vf '() 0)
(let* ((vi (ov-info vf -1))
(chan (pointer-s32-ref (pointer-offset vi 4)))
(rate (pointer-s64-ref (pointer-offset vi 8))))
(pointer-s32-set! (pointer-offset ao-sample-format 0) 16) ;; bits
(pointer-s32-set! (pointer-offset ao-sample-format 4) rate) ;; rate
(pointer-s32-set! (pointer-offset ao-sample-format 8) chan) ;; channels
(pointer-s32-set! (pointer-offset ao-sample-format 12) AO_FMT_NATIVE) ;; byte order
(display (format "Rate: ~a Channels: ~a Length: ~a\n" rate chan (ov-pcm-total vf -1)))
(let* ((driver (ao-default-driver-id))
(device (ao-open-live driver ao-sample-format '()))
(pcmout (allocate 4096))
(current_section (allocate 4)))
(let loop ()
(let ((ret (ov-read vf pcmout 4096 0 2 1 current_section)))
(cond ((= ret 0)
((< ret 0)
(printf "unknown error"))
(ao-play device pcmout ret)
(fclose fp)
(ao-close device)
(vorbis-play "foobar.ogg")
(for-each dlclose (list libc libvorbisfile libao))
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