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Show Google Analytics active users counter in document title and a notification whenever it changes.
This script will display the Google Analytics active users count on
the tab's title and in a notification whenever it changes.
Usage: Open your browser's console when in a Google Analytics Realtime
tab and paste the following.
Reload the tab to discard this functionality.
window.previousCount = "";
// Request permission for notifications.
// Check for updated counter every 5 seconds
var counter = $('#ID-overviewCounterValue');
// Don't do anything if there is no counter.
if (counter.length == 0) return;
// current count
var count = $('#ID-overviewCounterValue').text();
if(count != window.previousCount) {
window.previousCount = count;
document.title = "Active users: " + count;
if (Notification.permission === "granted") {
new Notification(document.title);
}, 5000);
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