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@isaacs isaacs/gist:2829532
Created May 29, 2012

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[root@a9c65738-3994-4939-ad4b-9711eeb44457 ~]# pkgin se nano
nano-2.2.4nb1 Small and friendly text editor (a free replacement for Pico)
=: package is installed and up-to-date
<: package is installed but newer version is available
>: installed package has a greater version than available package
[root@a9c65738-3994-4939-ad4b-9711eeb44457 ~]# pkgin in nano
calculating dependencies... done.
nothing to upgrade.
2 packages to be installed: ncursesw-5.9 nano-2.2.4nb1 (1019K to download, 3054K to install)
proceed ? [y/N] y
downloading packages...
ncursesw-5.9.tgz 100% 559KB 279.7KB/s 559.4KB/s 00:02
nano-2.2.4nb1.tgz 100% 460KB 459.7KB/s 459.7KB/s 00:00
error log can be found in /var/db/pkgin/err.log
installing packages...
installing ncursesw-5.9...
installing nano-2.2.4nb1...
nano-2.2.4nb1: copying /opt/local/share/examples/nano/nanorc to /opt/local/etc/nanorc
nano-2.2.4nb1: registering info file /opt/local/info/
processing local summary...
updating database: 100%
marking nano-2.2.4nb1 as non auto-removable
[root@a9c65738-3994-4939-ad4b-9711eeb44457 ~]#
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