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Last active September 17, 2019 23:32
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Non stuttering text control in re-frame
(require '[reagent.ratom :as ra])
(require '[reagent.core :as reagent])
(require '[re-frame.core :as rf])
(defn non-stuttering-text-control [props]
(let [text-value-atom (atom "")
outside-change-counter (ra/atom 0)
to-dispose (atom [])]
(fn [props]
{:display-name "non-stuttering-text-control"
(fn [this]
(let [props (reagent/props this)
text-sub (:text-value-sub props)]
(reset! text-value-atom @text-sub)
(let [text @text-sub]
(when-not (= text @text-value-atom)
(js/console.log "Got new value from app-state, resetting local state. Counter: " @outside-change-counter #js [text @text-value-atom])
(swap! outside-change-counter inc)
(reset! text-value-atom text)
(fn [this]
(doseq [disposable @to-dispose]
(ra/dispose! disposable)))
(fn [props]
{:key @outside-change-counter
:default-value @text-value-atom
:on-blur (fn [e]
(let [text (.. e -target -value)]
(js/console.log "hm" (:text-change-event props))
(reset! text-value-atom text)
(rf/dispatch (conj (:text-change-event props) text))))}])}))))
;; Example usage:
{:text-value-sub (rf/subscribe [::form-value :text])
:text-change-event [::set-form-value :text]}]
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