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RESTful Routes to CRUD Mapping

Example resource: fruits

In I.N.D.U.C.E.S. route order:

URL HTTP Verb Action Notes
/fruits/ GET index INDEX when a user types localhost:3000/fruits in browser this route shows a list or index of all fruits
/fruits/new GET new NEW when a user types localhost:3000/fruits/new in browser this route shows the user a form to create a NEW fruit

Git Workflow CheatSheet

By Ira Herman

Use this workflow when working with teams to take advantage of Pull Requests and keep the master branch clean.

Creating and using your own branch locally:

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Created Mar 24, 2020
useState hook in React

Hooks: useState

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain what hooks do and how they let us use function components instead of class components.
  • Work with tuples.
  • Practice converting stateful class components to functional components with the useState hook.

🔗Codesandbox Demo

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Created Mar 24, 2020
Intro to React Hooks

React Hooks

Intro to Hooks

Hooks were introduced in React Version 16.8.

Before hooks, all state needed to be within a Class component. Class components come with a lot of boilerplate, which can feel bulky, especially when dealing with a simpler state. Function components, on the other hand, are generally simpler and easier to read - but, until recently, could not manage their own state: they would receive some props, and return some JSX based on those props.

Hooks introduce state management to Function components, using a simpler and more flexible API. Here's an example of a Class component refactored to be a Function component with hooks:


Run Server:

python3 runserver

Create DB:

createdb <dbname>

Make migrations:

python3 makemigrations

Migrate DB:

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Created May 17, 2018
My Recommended Atom Packages and Theme to make Atom a Fully-Featured Editor

Atom Packages & Notes

This document will recommend some of my favorite packages (plugins, add-ons, whatever you want to call them...they're awesome) for the Atom text editor. These give atom many of the features of a full IDE (Integrated Development Environment).

Atom Website

To browse & install packages, (in the menu bar) go to Atom >> Preferences >> Install and search for your desired package. Click install. That's it!

There are links to the package documentation from the Atom site. You can also view instructions on how to use each package from the packages menu Atom >> Preferences >> Packages

iscott / Javascript functions and conditionals using (){}, and
Last active Jun 7, 2017
Javascript functions and conditionals using (){}, and semicolons cheatsheet
View Javascript functions and conditionals using (){}, and

Javascript functions and conditionals using (){}, and semicolons


Curly braces {} almost always indicate a block of code. { means START } means END

Keywords like

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Last active Sep 11, 2018
MEANbean Full MEAN stack CRUD app cheatsheet

Cheat Sheet: MEANbean coffee shop

A cheatsheet by Ira Herman

AUTHOR Ira Herman
OUTCOME A full stack MEAN application with CRUD actions
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Last active Jun 15, 2021
Cheat Sheet: Simple Authentication in Rails 5 with has_secure_password

Cheat Sheet: Simple Authentication in Rails 6 with has_secure_password

The goal of this cheatsheet is to make it easy to add hand-rolled authentication to any rails app in a series of layers.

First the simplest/core layers, then optional layers depending on which features/functionality you want.

AUTHOR Ira Herman
LANGUAGE/STACK Ruby on Rails Version 4, 5, or 6
View RPS Requirements
#RPS Lab Requirements
* Web Page/Web App that lets you play Rock Paper Scissors
* 2 Players (on the same screen)
* Win Logic (Tells the user who won)
* Custom styling (Fonts, Background, Images)
* Pictures for Rock, Paper, and Scissors
##Super Optional Bonus Challenge
* Play vs Computer (AI)