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import re
import json
import socket
from dataclasses import dataclass, field, asdict
from collections import UserString
from typing import Set
TRUSTED = frozenset(("beginbotbot", "isidentical"))
COMMAND_RE = re.compile(r"(?P<command>![a-z]*)+")
ECONOMY_RE = re.compile(r"Mana: (?P<mana>\d+) \| Street Cred: (?P<credit>\d+) \| Cool Points: (?P<points>\d+)")
class Message(UserString):
data: str
room: str
author: str
def __post_init__(self):
self.message =
def infer_command(self):
args =
if len(args) > 1:
return args[1]
return None
class Stats:
mana: int
credit: int
points: int
effects: Set[str] = field(default_factory=set)
class Client:
handlers = []
def __init__(self, nick, password, *, prefix = "@", host = "", port = 6667):
self.connection = socket.socket()
self.connection.connect((host, port))
self.push_cmd("pass", password)
self.push_cmd("nick", nick)
self.nick = nick
self.prefix = prefix
self.inital = True
self.economy = None
self._economy_needs_me = True
def from_conf(cls, config_file):
with open(config_file) as file:
return cls(**json.load(file))
def register(cls, *commands):
def wrapper(func):
func.commands = commands
return func
return wrapper
def poll(self):
buffer = str()
while self._economy_needs_me:
buffer += self.connection.recv(1024).decode("UTF-8")
*lines, buffer = re.split(r"[~\r\n]+", buffer)
for line in lines:
def process_single_line(self, line):
args = line.split()
if args[0] == "PING":
self.push_cmd("PONG", line[1])
elif len(args) > 1 and args[1] == "PRIVMSG":
author = args.pop(0).split("!")[0][1:]
room, *message = args[1:]
message = " ".join(message)[1:]
self.dispatch_message(Message(message, room, author))
def dispatch_message(self, message):
if in TRUSTED and message.startswith(f"@{self.nick} - "):
if self.inital:
# define inital commands
self.send_message(, "!me")
self.inital = False
if message.startswith(self.prefix + self.nick):
command = message.infer_command()
for handler in self.handlers:
if command in handler.commands:
handler(self, message)
def push_cmd(self, cmd, value):
request = f"{cmd.upper()} {value}\r\n"
def send_message(self, room, message):
self.push_cmd("privmsg", f"{room} :{message}")
def _try_parse_economy(self, message):
if match :=
self.economy = Stats(**match.groupdict())
if self.economy is not None:
for sound in COMMAND_RE.finditer(str(message)):
def on_help(self, message):
f"My commands always startswith with "
f"'{self.prefix}{self.nick}' prefix. "
f"Available commands: 'help', 'stats'"
def on_stats(self, message):
if self.economy is None:
", ".join(f"{key}: {value}" for key, value in asdict(self.economy).items())
if __name__ == "__main__":
client = Client.from_conf("../configs/stallmansbot.json")
for channel in ('beginbot', 'isidentical'):
client.push_cmd("join", f"#{channel}")
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