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Gets the SampleOrders from a xDB by interacting with the Facet in API
private void PassContactElementIntoQueryResult(ReportProcessorArgs args)
DataTable queryResultTable = new DataTable();
queryResultTable.Columns.Add(new ViewField<string>("DecorId").ToColumn());
queryResultTable.Columns.Add(new ViewField<string>("RangeId").ToColumn());
var contactRepository = Sitecore.Configuration.Factory.CreateObject("tracking/contactRepository", true) as ContactRepository;
var contact = contactRepository.LoadContactReadOnly(args.ReportParameters.ContactId);
IKeyInteractionsFacet facet = contact.GetFacet<IKeyInteractionsFacet>(KeyInteractionsFacet.FacetName);
foreach (var sampleOrder in facet.SampleOrders)
DataRow dataRow = queryResultTable.NewRow();
dataRow["DecorId"] = sampleOrder.DecorId;
dataRow["RangeId"] = sampleOrder.RangeId;
args.QueryResult = queryResultTable;
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