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islaytitans/KeyInteractionsFacet.cs Secret

Last active Dec 7, 2015
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Class defining the KeyInteraction Facet that will be creaated in Sitecore's Experience Database
public class KeyInteractionsFacet : Facet, IKeyInteractionsFacet
public static readonly string FacetName = "KeyInteractions";
public const string SwatchesDownloadedName = "SwatchesDownloaded";
public const string VideosPlayedName = "VideosPlayed";
public const string SampleOrderName = "SampleOrder";
public KeyInteractionsFacet()
public IElementCollection<ISwatchDownloadedElement> SwatchesDownloaded
get { return GetCollection<ISwatchDownloadedElement>(SwatchesDownloadedName); }
public IElementCollection<IVideoPlayedElement> VideosPlayed
get { return GetCollection<IVideoPlayedElement>(VideosPlayedName); }
public IElementCollection<ISampleOrderElement> SampleOrders
get { return GetCollection<ISampleOrderElement>(SampleOrderName); }
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