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Last active Jan 2, 2016
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Twitter Text Adventure Game Story Generation

Basic Idea

framework(user_data) -> story


The framework is an outline of a story or story elements that are basically a function of user_data. The framework at its simplest is a madlib that is randomly filled in with user data.

User Data

User data would probably include:

  • Name
  • List of friends (sorted by number of interactions)
  • List of commonly used words, grouped by part of speech


A network of story elements connected via transitions initiated by user interaction.

Story element (stage, level)

Stages/levels in the story that provide the user with a scenario and have transitions to new story states.

Other random thoughts/questions

  • Could potentially generate stages at run time from a pool of different frameworks?
  • Group transitions into categories (good, bad, terrible, fantastic) -> perhaps a numerical scale of benefit for user?
  • What is win/lose state?
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