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My geek history

History with computers

I started my computer hobby in 1985 (or late 1984) with Spectravideo's SVI-728. In 1987 me and my brother bought Amiga 500, and later we expanded it with extra chip memory and external disk drive. In 1993 I bought my last Amiga, CD32, which was an incredibly risky and stupid decission, since it required blind trust to company's promises that they will release expansions for upgrading CD32 to full-fledged computer with cd-rom drive. Needless to say, that it never happened. My brother were more clever and put his money on A 1200, which I also kept using frequently because of poor availability of CD32 games and software.

After I graduated from high school, I bought my first PC (Pentium, 150 MHz) and again bet on wrong horse: I chose OS/2 Warp as my op


Curriculum vitae

Personal details

Name: Timo Varis

Location: Southwest Finland

Contact: Preferably via LinkedIn




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  • 1 rkl öljyä
  • 1 rlk voita / margariinia
  • 400 g naudan jauhelihaa tai sikanautaa
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  • 1 tl suolaa



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  • 70-80 g parmasania

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  • 0,5 prk (2,5 dl) maustettua ruokakermaa Mustapekka tms.
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