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SERP Analysis - Lost Keywords
# for each query, find min & max date
df_by_query_date = df.groupby("query").aggregate({"date": ["min","max"], "clicks": "sum",
"impressions": "sum", "position": "mean"}).sort_values(("impressions","sum"),ascending=False)
# filter to just queries in above the median in impressions
df_by_query_date = df_by_query_date[df_by_query_date[("impressions","sum")] >= df_by_query_date[("impressions","sum")].quantile(0.50)]
# find all queries that haven't appeared in the last two weeks
df_by_query_date[df_by_query_date[("date","max")] < - datetime.timedelta(days=14)].head(5)
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