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Reinstall Challenge 2019

Reinstall Challenge 2019

Initially a challenge by roguewhaler and otherjared in 2012 to keep the number of OS reinstalls per computer down to 5 per year, I am continuing to keep track of just how ridiculous I am.

Item of Note: This is the first year that I have not re-installed my primary computers on New Year Day on principle.

Note that each reinstall referenced here is a complete nuke n pave.

Last Updated: 2019-01-08


Custom Built NAS

Date Operating System Reason
2018-04-01 Microsoft Windows 10 Pro Native BackBlaze support.


Dell XPS 13 9370 Developer Edition notebook

Date Operating System Reason
2018-11-22 System76 Pop!_OS 18.10 Back to Linux 100% because I'm ridiculous.


Apple iPhone Xs Max smartphone

Date Operating System Reason
2018-12-23 iOS 12.1.2 DFU restore after phone wouldn't turn on after 23 hours of charging


Custom Built computer

Date Operating System Reason
2018-12-08 System76 Pop!_OS 18.10 I'm really liking what Pop!_OS is doing.

Previous Years

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