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<li><a href="/kliniken-zentren/frauenklinik/">Frauenklinik</a></li>
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View ObserverOut.txt
wyldfyre@PITSWS190:~/temp$ python
Test Single Observer [Generic]
Invoked GenericObserver with arguments ('Hello', 'World', 'Test', 'Generic') {}
Test Multiple Observers [Generic, Logger, Email, WhatsApp]
Invoked GenericObserver with arguments ('Hello', 'World', 'Test', 'Multiple') {}
Invoked LoggerObserver with arguments ('Hello', 'World', 'Test', 'Multiple') {}
Invoked EmailerObserver with arguments ('Hello', 'World', 'Test', 'Multiple') {}
Invoked WhatsApperObserver with arguments ('Hello', 'World', 'Test', 'Multiple') {}
Test after removing Generic observer
Invoked LoggerObserver with arguments ('Hello', 'World', 'Test', 'Multiple') {}
View AutoWireSignalSlot.php
* Boot the package. We wire some signals to slots here.
* @param \TYPO3\Flow\Core\Bootstrap $bootstrap The current bootstrap
* @return void
public function boot(\TYPO3\Flow\Core\Bootstrap $bootstrap) {
$dispatcher = $bootstrap->getSignalSlotDispatcher();
'Test\Package\Controller\MigrationController', 'afterDatabaseMigration',
itskevinsam / SlotMethod.php
Created Jun 24, 2016
Sample Slot-method Implementation
View SlotMethod.php
public function logMigrationSuceededMessage()
$this->outputLine("Migration process completed successfully.");
itskevinsam / SignalInvoke.php
Last active Jun 24, 2016
Using Signal Methods within code logic.
View SignalInvoke.php
public function migrateCommand()
//Other program logic specific code (if needed)
//Other program logic specific code (if needed)
itskevinsam / Signal.php
Created Jun 24, 2016
TYPO3 Flow Signal Declaration
View Signal.php
* @return void
* @Flow\Signal
protected function emitAfterDatabaseMigration() {}
class ObservableEvent:
def __init__(self):
self.__observers = []
def register_observer(self, observer):
def de_register_observer(self, observer):
def notify(self, *args, **kwargs):
for observer in self.__observers:
observer.trigger(*args, **kwargs)