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require '.././libs/Slim/Slim.php';
require_once 'dbHelper.php';
// Get Slim instance
$app = new \Slim\Slim();
$app = \Slim\Slim::getInstance();
// call our own dbHelper class
$db = new dbHelper();
/************ This can be called via http://localhost/angularcode-megamenu/api/v1/categories
List all categories where parent=0 and its sub categories ************/
$app->get('/categories', function() {
global $db;
$rows = $db->select("categories","category cat_id,parent,description",array('parent'=>0),"ORDER BY description");
// parent categories node
$categories = array();
foreach ($rows["data"] as $row) {
$cat_id = $row["cat_id"];
$cr = $db->select("categories","category cat_id,parent,description",array('parent'=>$cat_id),"ORDER BY description");
$category = array(); // temp array
$category["cat_id"] = $row["cat_id"];
$category["description"] = $row["description"];
$category["sub_categories"] = array(); // subcategories again an array
foreach ($cr["data"] as $srow) {
$subcat = array(); // temp array
$subcat["cat_id"] = $srow['cat_id'];
$subcat["description"] = $srow['description'];
// pushing sub category into subcategories node
array_push($category["sub_categories"], $subcat);
// pushing sinlge category into parent
array_push($categories, $category);
echoResponse(200, $categories);
function echoResponse($status_code, $response) {
global $app;
echo json_encode($response,JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK);
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