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# apt-get install
sudo apt-get update
# For ubuntu 14.04
sudo apt-get install -y xserver-xorg-video-dummy-lts-trusty
# For ubuntu 16.04
sudo apt-get install -y xserver-xorg-video-dummy-lts-willy
# Copy the xorg.conf to `/etc/X11/xorg.conf`.
wget -P /etc/X11
# Restart Ubuntu. The resolution will be 1920x1080.
export XAUTHORITY=/home/admin/.Xauthority
# Or
export XAUTHORITY=/var/run/lightdm/root/:0
# Query the reoslution.
xrandr -d :0 -q
# Change resolution in terminal.
xrandr -d :0 --output default --mode 1280x960
# The resolution will be 1280x960 without resarting Ubuntu.
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