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(problem waiter-service)
(:domain restaurant)
; objects with types
w1 w2 - waiter
g1 g2 - group
t1 t2 - table
; The waiters are available to attend clients
(is_available w1)
(is_available w2)
; The tables are free
(is_free t1)
(is_free t2)
; The groups are waiting for being accompained to the table
(waiting_for_a_table g1)
(waiting_for_a_table g2)
; Initialize to 0 the tips of the waiters
(= (tips w1) 0)
(= (tips w2) 0)
; Establish the capacity of each table
(= (capacity t1) 4)
(= (capacity t2) 6)
; Define the number of people in each group
(= (group_size g1) 3)
(= (group_size g2) 4)
; The problem will be resolved when all the groups have paid
; and exit from the restaurant
(:goal (and
(bye g1)
(bye g2)
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