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~ talks,
"A Journey to Data Science",
"A new way to build your Shiny app's UI",
"A Robust Framework for Automated Shiny App Testing",
"A touch of R in Robotics",
"Accelerating geospatial computing using Apache Arrow",
"Achieving a seamless workflow between R, Python and SAS from within RStudio",
"Advocating for Automation",
"An Integrated Workflow",
"An introduction to R7",
"An Introduction to the Apple Health Export",
"Becoming Creative: Quilting with R",
"Building a client portal app with embedded Power BI reports",
"Building a ggplot2 rollercoaster",
"Building Accessible Lessons with R and Friends",
"Building Impactful Shiny Dashboards at NIH",
"censored - Survival Analysis in tidymodels",
"Comparing package versions with Diffify",
"Creating a data input platform using tidyverse",
"Creating a Design System for Shiny and RMarkdown",
"Cross-Industry Anomaly Detection Solutions with R and Shiny",
"Cultivating Your Own R Ecosystem as a Solo Contributor",
"Data science training in communities with limited resources and opportunities",
"dbcooper: Turn any database into an R or Python package",
"Demystifying MLOps",
"Demystifying the art of creating custom libraries for your organization",
"Designing a Socially-Critical Data Science Course",
"Designing for people is hard",
"Developing internal tools for multi-lingual teams",
"Digging a Pit of Success for Your Organization",
"Dissecting the quick fix",
"Dive Deep into Metadata with Tplyr",
"dm: Analyze, build and deploy relational data models",
"Enterprise-Level Data Science Success",
"Everything I learned about community building from growing up in a restaurant",
"Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis in the tidyverse",
"Exploring Query Optimization",
"From summarizing projects to setting tags, uses of parsing R files",
"Garbage Data",
"ggplot internals with {ggtrace}",
"Good practices for applied machine learning",
"Hello Quarto",
"Highlights of the knitr package from the past two years",
"How Anchorage Built Alaska’s Vaccine Finder with R",
"How to be a pollinatoR",
"I made an entire e-commerce platform on Shiny",
"Implications of R syntax in intro stats",
"Introducing Rhino",
"Introducing workboots",
"It's about time",
"leafdown: Interactive multi-layer maps in Shiny apps",
"Let your mobile shine: Making shiny apps mobile responsive",
"Let's start at the beginning - bits to character encoding in R",
"Literate Programming With Quarto",
"Making awesome automations with GitHub Actions",
"Making Data Pipelines in R",
"Mobile, Low-Bandwidth and Low-Tech",
"Model Migration",
"Oddly Satisfying - Find delight in the mundane",
"Optimal allocation of COVID-19 vaccines in west Africa",
"Packages and Process",
"Project Immortality With GitHub",
"Publishing Customer Facing Products with RStudio Connect",
"Quarto for the Curious",
"R Markdown + RStudio Connect + R Shiny",
"R Package Assessment",
"R Shiny - From Conception to the Cloud",
"R, Python, and Tableau",
"Remote Content Execution with RStudio Connect and Kubernetes",
"Robust R Deployments",
"RStudio: 2022 and Beyond",
"Running Shiny without a server",
"Save an ocean of time",
"Saving 1,000 hours with RStudio",
"Say Hello! to Multilingual Shiny Apps",
"Scaling and automating R workflows with Kubernetes and Airflow",
"Sometimes you just need words",
"The Benefit of Talking to the \"Non-Datas\"",
"The Future of missing data",
"The Past and Future of Shiny",
"The Polygons of Another World - realtime interactive rendering in R",
"The tidysynthesis R package",
"The worlds smallest R environment? Running R on a $15 computer",
"These are a few of my favorite things (about Quarto presentations)",
"Tidy Transit",
"tidyclust - expanding tidymodels to clustering",
"Tidyverse and Power BI",
"Translating from {tidymodels} and scikit-learn",
"Visualizing distributions and uncertainty using ggdist",
"We R KaggleRs - At the Intersection of Data Science Communities",
"WebR: R running in the browser",
"Websites & Books & Blogs, oh my! Creating Rich Content with Quarto",
"What they forgot to teach you about becoming an open source contributor",
"What they forgot to teach you about starting a business with R",
"WTF AITA: What they forgot to teach you about industry transitions from academia",
"Yes, you can use Python with RStudio Team!",
"You should be using renv",
"Zero-setup R workshops with GitHub Codespaces"
dplyr::slice_sample(talks, n = 5)
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