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For DPK installations on Windows, this script will fix the RubyGems CA issue and add the Puppet-based RubyGems location to `PATH`
# Enable RubyGems
# The RubyGems included with the DPK can't download from due to an oudated SSL Certificate
# invoke-webrequest -outfile $env:TEMP\enableRubyGems.ps1; . $env:TEMP\enableRubyGems.ps1
$puppetGemFolder = Resolve-Path 'C:\Program Files\Puppet Labs\Puppet\sys\ruby\lib\ruby\*\rubygems\ssl_certs\'
Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile $puppetGemFolder\RubyGemsCA.pem
$env:PATH+=";C:\Program Files\Puppet Labs\Puppet\sys\ruby\bin"
[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("PATH", $env:PATH, "Machine")
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