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Accessing nytimes election data for procrastination purposes
import requests
import pandas as pd
def fetch_state_results(state: str) -> dict:
r = requests.get(f"{state}/president.json")
return r.json()["data"]
def _process_records(input: "list[dict]") -> pd.DataFrame:
records = []
for el in input:
f_el = {}
for k, v in el.items():
if isinstance(v, dict):
f_el.update({f"{k}.{subk}": subv for subk, subv in v.items()})
f_el[k] = v
return pd.DataFrame.from_records(records)
class StateResults(object):
def __init__(self, state):
self.state = state
self._data = fetch_state_results(state)
self._created =
def __repr__(self):
return f"< StateResults for '{self.state}', created at {self._created} >"
def _get_races(self):
races = self._data["races"]
assert len(races) == 1, f"Length of 'races' list not 1, was {len(races)}. Bad assumption."
return races[0]
def get_updated(self):
return StateResults(self._state)
def county(self):
return _process_records(self._get_races()["counties"])
def timeseries(self):
df = _process_records(self._get_races()["timeseries"])
df["timestamp"] = df["timestamp"].apply(pd.Timestamp)
return df
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