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Vladislav Ivanishin ivladak

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ivladak / llv8-as-patch.diff
Created Mar 31, 2016
Diffs of and from their respective trunks
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diff --git a/.gitignore b/.gitignore
index 6afb7f5..82ac8cc 100644
--- a/.gitignore
+++ b/.gitignore
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@
ivladak / .bashrc_ubuntu
Created Feb 7, 2016
bash profile (common part)
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# ~/.bashrc: executed by bash(1) for non-login shells.
# see /usr/share/doc/bash/examples/startup-files (in the package bash-doc)
# for examples
# If not running interactively, don't do anything
[ -z "$PS1" ] && return
export LSCOLORS="ExGxcxdxCxegedabagacad"
ivladak / .bash_profile
Created Feb 7, 2016
bash profile (my exports and aliases for mac)
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export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH:/usr/local/texlive/2014/bin/x86_64-darwin
export PYTHONSTARTUP="$HOME/.pythonrc"
source /usr/local/bin/
if [ -f $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion ]; then
. $(brew --prefix)/etc/bash_completion
export PS1="\u@\h \w>"
ivladak /
Created Sep 27, 2015 — forked from colinux/
Rename subtitles files according to tv shows names found in a directory
# Renames subtitles files according to tv shows names found in a directory
# Acceped syntaxes for season/episode are: 304, s3e04, s03e04, 3x04 (case insensitive)
# Usage:
# Put this gist somewhere in your $PATH, like /usr/local/bin/subtitles-renamer
# Chmod +x it
# cd ~/YourHolidaysTvShowsWithSubtitles
# subtitles-renamer
ivladak / eclipse-cpp-google-style.xml
Created Mar 5, 2015
Google C++ code style profile for Eclipse
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
<profiles version="1">
<profile kind="CodeFormatterProfile" name="Google C++" version="1">
<setting id="org.eclipse.cdt.core.formatter.insert_space_before_opening_paren_in_method_declaration" value="do not insert"/>
<setting id="org.eclipse.cdt.core.formatter.insert_space_after_opening_paren_in_for" value="do not insert"/>
<setting id="org.eclipse.cdt.core.formatter.insert_new_line_in_empty_block" value="insert"/>
<setting id="org.eclipse.cdt.core.formatter.lineSplit" value="80"/>
<setting id="org.eclipse.cdt.core.formatter.alignment_for_member_access" value="16"/>
<setting id="org.eclipse.cdt.core.formatter.insert_space_before_comma_in_base_types" value="do not insert"/>
<setting id="org.eclipse.cdt.core.formatter.keep_else_statement_on_same_line" value="false"/>
View gist:24459e428d0f490b4973
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