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Created Oct 17, 2013
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Biomart: manually send a query
Write the file q1.txt:
<!DOCTYPE Query>
<Query client="true" processor="TSV" limit="100" header="1">
<Dataset name="hsapiens_snp" config="snp_1_config">
<Filter name="chr_name" value="22"/>
<Filter name="chrom_start" value="1"/>
<Filter name="chrom_end" value="80000000"/>
<Attribute name="refsnp_id"/>
<Attribute name="refsnp_source_description"/>
<Attribute name="chrom_start"/>
<Attribute name="allele"/>
<Attribute name="refsnp_source"/>
<Attribute name="chr_name"/>
<Attribute name="synonym_name"/>
From terminal:
curl -d @q1.txt http://localhost:9000/martservice/results > results.txt
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