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module ExcelColumnsConverions
# convert the column name ("A", "ACB", ...) to an number (1-based)
def excel_col_number(str)
offset = 'A'.ord - 1
str.chars.inject(0){ |x,c| x*26 + c.ord - offset }.to_i
# convert the column number to a string ("A", "ACB", ...)
def excel_col_string(number)
# limit: 16.384
raise "Number must be less than or equal to 16384" if number>16384
n = number-1
d3 = (n-26*27)/(26*26)
d3 = d3<0 ? -1 : d3
d2 = (n-26)/26
d2 = d2<0 ? -1 : d2%26
d1 = n%26
arr = ("A".."Z").to_a
arr_w_space = [""]+arr
[arr_w_space[d3+1], arr_w_space[d2+1], arr[d1]].join
def check(max)
1.upto(max) do |n|
s = excel_col_string(n)
nn = excel_col_index(s)
puts "#{n} -> '#{s}' -> #{nn}" if n!=nn

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iwan commented May 25, 2018

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