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Ryanb58 /
Last active May 3, 2021
How to install telnet into a alpine docker container. This is useful when using the celery remote debugger in a dev environment.
>>> docker exec -it CONTAINERID /bin/sh
/app # telnet
/bin/sh: telnet: not found

/app # apk update
v3.7.0-243-gf26e75a186 []
v3.7.0-229-g087f28e29d []
aashish / insert_image_on_pdf.rb
Last active Jan 24, 2021
Insert image on a existing PDF having content with hexapdf gem
View insert_image_on_pdf.rb
require 'hexapdf'
doc ="/home/xxxx/Downloads/OoPdfFormExample.pdf")
page = doc.pages[0]
canvas = page.canvas(type: :overlay)
canvas.translate(0, 20) do
canvas.fill_color(0.3, 0.7, 0.7)
canvas.rectangle(50, 0, 80, 80, radius: 80)
mbenatti /
Created Feb 20, 2018 — forked from mattweldon/
Getting Elixir / Phoenix running on Digital Ocean with edeliver

Build Server

  • Go to Digital Ocean
  • Create new droplet
  • London
  • Ubuntu
  • No apps
  • Add SSH keys
satendra02 / app.DockerFile
Last active Mar 19, 2021
docker+rails+puma+nginx+postgres (Production ready)
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FROM ruby:2.3.1
# Install dependencies
RUN apt-get update -qq && apt-get install -y build-essential libpq-dev nodejs
# Set an environment variable where the Rails app is installed to inside of Docker image:
ENV RAILS_ROOT /var/www/app_name
RUN mkdir -p $RAILS_ROOT
# Set working directory, where the commands will be ran:
mbenatti /
Last active Sep 6, 2019
Installing Bootstrap 4 + Font Awesome from NPM in Phoenix Framework using sass
  • Tested with Phoenix 1.3

1) Installing sass, font-awesome and bootstrap package's using Brunch

First, install the Sass, Font Awesome, bootstrap(and deps) package:

cd assets

  • npm install --save-dev sass-brunch
  • npm install --save font-awesome
slavikdev /
Created Mar 16, 2017
Rails request path cheatsheet

Rails request path cheatsheet

Full path with query string

>>  request.url
=> "http://localhost:3000/ask-help.amp?hui=pizda"

Virtual path without query string

>>  request.path
=> "/ask-help.amp"
hmans /
Last active Apr 4, 2018
Notes on learning Elixir and Phoenix

Notes on learning Elixir and Phoenix

Just some assorted notes I've made while digging into Phoenix, Elixir and friends. I'm coming from a strong Rails background, so many of these will refer to features from that framework.

Views / Templates

Biggest difference from Rails?

Unlike Rails, where rendering is almost always performed by a template file, the responsibility of rendering a response in Phoenix lies with a view module (that typically corresponds to the current controller module.) This view module will typically offer a whole bunch of render functions (matching different parameters, first and foremost the template name.) Templates (found in web/templates/) will directly compile into such functions.

PieterScheffers / start_docker_registry.bash
Last active Feb 11, 2021
Start docker registry with letsencrypt certificates (Linux Ubuntu)
View start_docker_registry.bash
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# install docker
# install docker-compose
# install letsencrypt
spalladino /
Created Dec 22, 2015
Backup and restore a mysql database from a running Docker mysql container
# Backup
docker exec CONTAINER /usr/bin/mysqldump -u root --password=root DATABASE > backup.sql
# Restore
cat backup.sql | docker exec -i CONTAINER /usr/bin/mysql -u root --password=root DATABASE
ndelitski / 1.yml
Created Nov 30, 2015
drone.yml examples
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image: golang:$$GO_VERSION
- TAGS="pam sqlite"
- BUILD_OS="windows linux darwin freebsd openbsd netbsd"