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Calculate the Pearson correlation coefficient of two arrays
real(kind=8) function pearsonr(x, y) result(r)
! given two arrays x and y, this function computes their Pearson correlation coefficient r
implicit none
real(kind=8), dimension(:) :: x, y
real(kind=8), dimension(size(x)) :: xt, yt
real(kind=8) :: ax, ay, df, sxx, sxy, syy
integer :: n
if (size(x) /= size(y)) STOP 'Dimension mismatch in pearsonr'
n = size(x)
! find the means and subtract them
ax = sum(x)/n
ay = sum(y)/n
xt = x - ax
yt = y - ay
sxx = dot_product(xt,xt)
syy = dot_product(yt,yt)
sxy = dot_product(xt,yt)
r = sxy / sqrt(sxx*syy)
! abs(r) cannot be > 1, except for artifacts of floating point arithmetic
r = max(min(r, 1.d0), -1.d0)
end function pearsonr
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