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@j-mcnally j-mcnally/deploy.js
Created Aug 16, 2015

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Using ember-deploy-s3 with Google Cloud Storage
module.exports = {
production: {
buildEnv: 'production', // Override the environment passed to the ember asset build. Defaults to 'production'
store: {
type: "S3",
accessKeyId: "XXX",
secretAccessKey: "XXX",
bucket: "bucket-index",
acl: 'public-read', //optional, e.g. 'public-read', if ACL is not configured, it is not sent
endpoint: "",
hostName: "", // To be set with 'direct' indexMode
indexMode: "indirect", // Optional: 'direct' or 'indirect', 'direct' is used by default.
prefix: "production/" // Optional: Allows a folder setup within the bucket, so that multiple apps can be stored in one bucket (or maybe things like A/B testing grouped together). Use with 'indirect' indexMode only.
assets: {
type: "s3",
endpoint: "",
accessKeyId: "XXX",
secretAccessKey: "XXX",
bucket: "my_bucket"

Google Cloud Storage

You can use the ember-deploy-s3 and ember-deploy-s3-index addons with Google Cloud Storage by using interop tokens and the specifying endpoint in the configuration.

Google has a mode that mimics S3.

Interop token

Tokens about this token and how to generate it can be found


Add endpoint: "" to each of the config blocks.

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