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Last active May 22, 2017
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Jack Fransham / +447979 144 575 / / GitHub

Skills & Abilities

Professional experience

  • Desktop application/tools development (C# with WPF, Rust, Ruby, Python);
  • Back-end web development (Python with Django, Ruby with Ruby on Rails, PHP with CodeIgniter, NodeJS with Express, C# with ASP.NET, Rust with Iron);
  • Linux devops and administration (Bash, C, Make, CMake, Python);
  • Embedded development based on OpenWRT, including build and device automation;
  • Integration and unit tests with Python and Ruby;
  • Tools development with VimScript, Python, Ruby and Bash;
  • Extensive experience with common tools on both Windows and Linux – Visual Studio, qemu, VirtualBox, SQL Server Management Studio, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Vim, Bash, Git, Awk/Perl, SQLite.

Personal experience

  • Extensive experience with Haskell, Rust, Python and C#;
  • Experience with performance tuning on large and small projects. I contributed a significant speed improvement to the Rust standard library’s int-parsing code and almost halved the runtime of the Ion shell interpreter;
  • Experience working on large open-source projects.

Previous positions

  • February 2017 – Present: Software Developer – Keezel

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Full-time

    Writing internal tools and scripts for automation, debugging Linux drivers and kernel extensions, writing software for embedded systems, ensuring device security, front-end/back-end web development, improving system reliability.

  • July 2016 – December 2016: Software Developer – Live on Demand

    Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Full-time

    Maintaining a legacy system written in C# with ASP.NET, building a static site generator in Ruby and a SQLite daemon in Rust.

  • February 2016 – July 2016: Software Developer – Administrate

    Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Full-time

    Maintaining a large legacy system written in PHP, Python, JavaScript and Java, working in a 10-person development team.

  • September 2015 – February 2016: Software Developer – Cuvva

    Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Full-time

    Building and maintaining a microservice-based insurance stack in NodeJS.

  • September 2014 – April 2015: Quality Assurance – Sumdog

    Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Part-time

    Black box website testing, automated testing with Cucumber with Selenium and Ruby.

  • June – September 2013: Software Developer – Redtangle

    Brighton, United Kingdom - Full-time

    Game development in Flash (AS3), back-end web development in a team with PHP using CodeIgniter.

  • Summer holidays 2012: Software Developer – Seiki Systems

    Brighton, United Kingdom - Full-time

    Working with C# and WPF to develop a backwards-compatible shift scheduling application.

About me

I am a passionate, talented developer with a three-pronged love of suckless philosophy, information security and code performance. I constantly read about interesting techniques and technologies, with an aim to perfect my skillset. Willing to work independently, but most productive when working in a team. Outside of the programming world, I enjoy writing, exercising in terrible weather, and making music people hate.

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