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Installing MinGW (GCC C++) and Geany, for ENGR 101 at VUW

Guide written by Jackson with help and pictures from Gold

This guide details how to install MinGW/clang, and ENGR 101's preferred code editor, Geany, on a Windows or macOS operating system. Linux users (who probably don't need any guide) should follow the guide on the ECS wiki.

If you've already got mingw/clang installed, skip to the bottom to install Geany.

Installing MinGW (or clang)

This guide details how to install MinGW, the GNU C/C++ compiler, on a Windows or macOS operating system (clang).


If you have a Mac, you'll probably need to run xcode-select -install in a Terminal window, and wait for it to finish, and then you should be done. (This will install Clang, which is GCC-compatible)


If you have anything in C:\MinGW, delete it.

  1. Go to this website and click either MinGW C/C++ For Windows 11 32/64 bit (for Windows 11) or MinGW C/C++ For Windows 10 32/64 bit (for Windows 10)
    Do not download the Turbo compiler.
  2. Run the downloaded file (mingw.exe). When it asks for a path, enter C:\MinGW. See picture:
  3. Click 'Extract'. Wait.
  4. In Windows search, type 'env' and click on 'Edit the system environment variables':
  5. Click the entry for 'Path' and click 'Edit':
  6. Click 'New', and type C:\MinGW\bin:
  7. Click 'ok' and close all the windows.
  8. Open Command Prompt and type g++ --version (you may need to restart Command Prompt if you had any open windows)

An example of a successful installation:

An example of something wrong:

If you still can't make it work, attend an ENGR 101 Workshop session.

Installing Geany

Install Geany from


Choose the right option from the table below:

OS Download
Windows geany-{version}_setup.exe
Apple, Intel processor geany-{version}_osx-4.dmg
Apple, Apple Silicon processor (M1) geany-{version}_osx_arm64.dmg
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