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Custom EventEmitter for created for the purpose of learning and teaching others.
// Example on codepen
// If you would like a production version, use complete, tested, performant, and
// well-supported version
* Subscribe to and control when events are emitted to subscribers.
class EventEmitter {
constructor() {
// k,v store of events to subscribers. = {};
* Register a function (handler) to invoke when the given event (name) is triggered.
* @param {string} name to give the event.
* @param {function} handler to invoke when events are emitted.
* @return {function} #unsubscribe
subscribe(name, handler) {
if (![name])[name] = [];[name].push(handler);
return this.unsubscribe.bind(this, name, handler);
* Remove the handler from the list of subscribers.
* If the event has no more subscriptions the event is also removed from the list of events.
unsubscribe(name, handler) {`unsubscribing from ${name}`);[name] =[name].filter(fn => handler !== fn);
if ([name].length <= 0) delete[name];
* Identical to #subscribe except that execution only occurs once and immediately unsubscribes.
* This type of subscription is useful in cases when you only need some behavior to occur
* one time.
once(name, handler) {
/* set the "this" context to a variable to pass into the "once" subscription handler.
* this is necessary to invoke the unsubscription function when the handler is invoked.
const self = this;
/* creates a _new_ subscription handler to control both subscription and unsubscription logic. */
function onceHandler(...args) {
self.unsubscribe(name, onceHandler);
handler.apply(self, args);
/* subscribe with the _new_ handler. */
this.subscribe(name, onceHandler);
* Invokes all subscriber functions subscribed to the event.
* @param {string} name of the event to emit
* @param {*} data provided to each subscriber.
emit(name, data) {
// handler is invoked with .call() to remove the EventEmitter context.[name] &&[name].forEach(handler =>, data));
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