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Created Nov 11, 2020
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How to Minikube



$ curl -Lo minikube && chmod +x minikube && sudo mv minikube /usr/local/bin/


# macOS
$ minikube start --vm-driver=hyperkit
# or
$ minikube start --vm-driver=virtualbox

# Linux
$ minikube start --vm-driver=kvm2
# or
$ minikube start --vm-driver=virtualbox
# or 
$ minikube start --vm-driver=none
# runs the Kubernetes components on the host and not in a VM. Docker is required to use this driver but no hypervisor

Services, Status & Showing IPs

$ minikube ip

$ minikube status
minikube: Running
cluster: Running
kubectl: Correctly Configured: pointing to minikube-vm at

# To access a service exposed via a node port
# Open a browser for cv-server service
$ minikube service cv-server

# To access the Kubernetes Dashboard
$ minikube dashboard

Kubectl context

$ kubectl config use-context minikube
# or 
$ kubectl get pods --context=minikube

Stop, Destroy & Cleanup

$ minikube stop
$ minikube delete
$ rm -rf ~/.minikube


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